Trying To Quit Smoking? How An Electronic Cigarette May Be The Answer

If you are tired of coughing and feeling worn out from smoking cigarettes, you most likely will start to think about ways to help you quit. It is no secret that cigarettes cause all kinds of medical problems, from chronic coughing to cancer. The nicotine in cigarettes is what keeps you smoking them since it is an addictive additive. Electronic cigarettes may be able to help you quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. Here is some information about electronic cigarettes that may help you decide to give them a try.

What Is An Electronic Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette, or E-cigarette, is used in the same manner as traditional tobacco cigarettes, without the harmful chemicals and tar being added. They are plastic or metal and they use cartridges or a liquid form of oil to disperse the nicotine into a vapor form. There are E-cigarettes that look like real cigarettes, with the end lighting up when you inhale, or there are fancier dispensers, made in a variety of colors and styles. Using E-cigarettes is becoming very popular at the moment, and you see more people using them each day.

How Do They Work?

Electronic cigarettes work by use of a lithium battery inside the unit. There are some E-cigarettes that you can plug into an outlet to recharge the battery, some where you replace the batteries regularly, and some that are disposable. There are different types of oils as well. You can purchase oils for your E-cigarette in an array of different flavors, from bubblegum flavor to apple pie flavor. If you would rather stick with the taste of a standard cigarette, that is also available.

E-cigarettes also have different levels of nicotine available in the oils that you place inside. If you are starting to try to quit smoking or just want to switch to an electronic cigarette instead of a tobacco cigarette, you would start with a higher dose of nicotine. After awhile you can lessen the amount that the oil contains. There is also the option of buying oils that contain no nicotine.


Some E-cigarettes will monitor your nicotine usage so that you do not overdo the amount that is inhaled. The E-cigarette will have an LED light on it that will blink if you are getting close to going over the recommended amount. Some E-cigarettes will even stop working until a certain amount of time has passed so that you cannot use too much nicotine at a time.

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