What You Should Do When You Plan To Buy A Firearm

When you decide that the time has come to purchase a firearm, whether for hunting, sport, or protection, there are several steps that you need to be sure to take to make the process go smoothly, safely, and of course legally. Purchasing a gun is unlike any other purchase you may make in your life and requires a great deal of forethought and care, as you intend to bring a powerful and deadly weapon into your home. So, get to know some of the steps you need to take so that you can get started as soon as possible and make your firearm purchase sooner rather than later. 

Take A Firearm Safety Course

No matter what type of gun you plan to purchase, or how much you think you may already know about firearms, you should never go in to purchase one without first taking a firearm safety course. In fact, if you plan to purchase a handgun and keep it on your person, you will need to attend a course that will certify you to get your concealed carry license. If you do not do so, and the police discover you have a concealed weapon, you could face serious legal charges.

However, no matter if you plan to carry the weapon on your person or not, a firearm safety class will teach you how to care for and clean your weapon safely, proper handling of the weapon, and the various laws in your state regarding what you can and cannot do with your gun. So, sign up for the class and pay close attention so that you and your family can and will remain safe when a firearm is in the house.

Get The Proper Permits

Once again, whether you plan to carry the weapon on your person or not, you will need some type of government-sanctioned permit to purchase and own a firearm. Any store, from a pawn shop to a gun shop and everything in between will ask to see your permit at the time of purchase and will need to make a copy of that permit and your driver's license for their legal records and protection. 

So, plan ahead; once you have taken the necessary courses, apply for your permit. This can take several weeks to process, so get the ball rolling early on.

Invest In A Gun Safe

Particularly if you have a family, you want to be sure to keep your weapons in a secure location that has controlled access, and in which the weapons cannot accidentally misfire, causing injuries or even death. A gun safe is the best way to go in such situations.

If your plan is to acquire hunting rifles and the like, a large, standalone gun safe is your best bet. These safes are secure, strong, and require coded entry to access. On the other hand, a handgun you intend to carry on your person or in your car would require a smaller portable case that could fit in a glove box, dresser drawer or under the seat of a car. These safes are also highly secure and will prevent a weapon malfunction. 

If you are worried about somebody getting their hands on your gun safe code, you can also buy biometric gun safes. This means the gun safe uses fingerprint recognition for access so that only you can open it. 

As you can see, there are several steps you should take when you plan to purchase a firearm. So, get the process started as soon as possible and you will be well on your way to making your big purchase.