Clever Display Ideas For Your Cherished Collectibles

Why keep those beloved collectibles tucked away where you can't enjoy them? Instead, create clever and convenient displays so that you can show them off to all who visit your home. If you collect many different items, such as figurines, sports memorabilia, or crockery, rotate your displays and change things up from time to time.

Perch on a porch. Make your figurines, teacups, or other collection the first thing that guests see when they visit. Set up a display case, rack, or other shelving to show off your collectibles when guests come to call. Be sure to secure valuable collections when placing them in exterior spots around your home.

Construct floating shelves. Make a floating shelf for certain collections by drilling holes in acrylic slats and using clear fishing line to suspend. This works well for plush collectibles as well as small items, such as thimbles. The objects seem to mysteriously float as they suspend from your window, ceiling, or wall.

Salvage a mirror or two. A great way to display figurines is by using a mirror, any size or style will work. Lay the mirror flat, and place your items on the reflective glass. This brings a light to the object, and is quite beautiful on a shelf or coffee-table.

Plant a garden. Tuck a collectible or two in a potted plant, or bring weather-resistant pieces outside to your garden and landscaping. Figurines are adorable when tucked in a flower bed; you can create a tiny world with mini-plants and ceramic figurines. Tuck a teacup in your herb garden near the mint or lemon balm, or a ceramic cat figurine near the catnip.

Put them under glass. If your collectibles are valuable, protect them by putting them in display cubes or cases. These are found in glass, but acrylic boxes and displays are an appealing and inexpensive alternative. These display implements then make it possible to stack and store your collectibles conveniently and in a visually-appealing way.

Pull out some of your collectibles from storage and enjoy seeing them every day. Displaying all of your collections at the same time or in a small space can create a lot of maintenance and chaos.Rotating your displays gives you the opportunity to enjoy them all while keeping things fresh. Try these suggestions to create clever and convenient displays that will bring joy to all who see them! For more ideas, try visiting stores with collectibles on display.