"Room-Scaping" And Social Media: The New Trend That Might Leave You Overwhelmed And How To Manage It

A popular new trend, "room-scaping," is sweeping the social media sites by storm. With the likes of Pinterest and Wiki tips on how to buy home decor online, everyone is grabbing ideas and home decorating items just as fast as they can find them (or at least find out where a photographer took the items' pictures). However, your own personal enthusiasm for room-scaping might leave you a little overwhelmed with all of your " [Read More]

How To Make Your Screen Print T-Shirts Move (Smartphone Required)

If you have not seen how technology and clothing can interact and create unique wearables, you may be in a for a shock or a pleasant surprise depending on the clothing you spot. The most popular items are screen print T-shirts that have a secret pocket for your smartphone. Here is how these shirts work, and how you can create your own fun designs to incorporate your smartphone and freak out people on the street. [Read More]

6 Sweet Hawaiian Souvenirs For The Pineapple Lover In Your Life

Although Hawaii doesn't grow as many pineapples as it once did, the beautiful islands are still known for their once abundant pineapple fields. When shopping for treasures to bring back home, you will notice a lot of souvenirs with a pineapple theme. But why bring home a picture of a pineapple when you can have the real thing? Here are 6 edible souvenir ideas for someone who loves pineapple.  Dried Pineapple [Read More]

Cool Ways To Display Your Favorite Holiday Ornaments Year-Round

It can be difficult to wait until the holidays to show-off and display your favorite Christmas d├ęcor, particularly your cherished ornaments. Why wait until December? There are some clever ways to integrate and highlight your beloved baubles now! Some ways to show-off your favorite ornaments any time of year include: From your chandelier.  A chandelier or a hanging light fixture is the perfect place to suspend a few of your baubles. [Read More]