Three Tips For Buying An Engagement Ring For The Woman Of Your Dreams

When you have finally found the woman you want to marry, you might be thinking about picking out an engagement ring. However, the entire process might be overwhelming. Not only do you have to choose one ring out of thousands of options, you need to be aware of the financial investment you are making and plan accordingly. Here are some things to focus on as you search for the perfect engagement ring.

Focus On the Diamond

It is important to look at the stone when you are buying an engagement. Generally you have to look at the so-called "4 C's": clarity, carat, color and cut. You need to be sure that the stone is clear, a reasonable size, and white instead of yellow, along with studying the cut of the diamond itself. The cut is arguably the most important thing to consider. That's because the cut is what what causes the stone to sparkle as light is reflected off of it. Different cuts create different amount of sparkle at different price points.

When looking at rings, look at the stone before looking at the ring itself. You might want to consider looking at loose diamonds to find the perfect stone and then choosing a band to set it in.

Consider Other Stones

While diamonds are the traditional choice, it may be worth it to consider other kinds of stones for your engagement ring. Sapphires, emeralds and moonstones are typically less expensive than diamonds, so they can save you money. Because they are not the expected choice, your significant other will have something unique and unusual to wear on her finger, which she may appreciate.

Remember Insurance

When you have finally found a ring that you are sure she will love, you might not realize that insurance is something that you need to consider. That may be especially true if you are stretching your budget for the ring.

However, it is vital that you picture the face of the woman you love if her ring is stolen or lost. For that reason, insurance is something to think about. Not only that, but the amount of money you pay for the ring will be all for nothing if the ring vanishes. Protect your investment and your significant other's feelings by exploring different insurance options.

Use all the information laid out above to help you when looking for an engagement ring for the woman you want to marry. Be sure to consult local retailers, like The Jackels Collection of Beverly Hills, to be confident you have chosen a ring that is as special as she is.