Taking An Outdoor Wedding Venue From Drab To Fab With 3 Rented Items

The backdrop of nature provided, the appeal of an open area, and the allure of outdoor sounds make holding a wedding outside a captivating idea for a lot of brides and grooms. However, having an outdoor wedding does not come without its pitfalls and concerns as a planner. If you are set on having an outdoor wedding ceremony, there are bound to be a few extra things you need to make sure the event goes off without a hitch. Take your outdoor wedding to an entirely different level with only three pieces of rented equipment and supplies.

Event Tents

Okay, so you are pretty well set on the idea of an outdoor wedding ceremony, but holding the reception outdoors (which often lasts far longer than the ceremony itself) is usually not a great idea. For one, food and the great outdoors don't usually go hand in hand without worries of pests, birds, and even the summer sun being an issue. Plus, with the weather being so unpredictable for long stretches of time means you can never guarantee that your guests won't get stuck in the rain or wind. Having an event tent on site at least for the reception will take a lot of the variables of being outdoors out of the planning equation.

Outdoor Heaters

Whether you have a ceremony planned for a crisp autumn afternoon or a flowery day in the middle of spring, making sure your guests are not cold while they witness your nuptials is only a kind gesture. However, with temperature fluctuations being an almost guarantee, no amount of planning will ensure that things don't get pretty chilly at some point. Adding a few outdoor propane heaters can help you rest assured that even if things do get cool, you have a way to keep your guests cozy.

Outdoor Portable Fencing

If you want to make your wedding feel more intimate in spite of it being held in a massively-sized outdoor venue, consider checking with the rental equipment store for some temporary outdoor fencing. Wooden privacy panels, white picket fencing, and even free-standing rustic fencing will help to slim down the size of the area where the ceremony will take place. Fencing is an incredible way to add a new appeal to the wedding venue and is easy to deck out with string lights, tulle, or flowers for an added touch of wedding-day flair. Click here for more information on commercial rental equipment.