Do You Make Custom Art On Commission? Make Use Of Custom Picture Frames

Becoming an artist is not an easy mission to accomplish. It requires hard work, dedication, and persistence, but one of the easier ways to establish yourself is by offering custom art on commission. Most artists have several guidelines that they give to potential customers to avoid projects out of their skill range or to ensure they always work on something that they enjoy doing. If you feel somewhat limited in what you are able to offer your customers, you should start making use of custom picture frames.

Offer a Wider Variety of Services

When you create a beautiful piece of art, the customer still ends up responsible for finding a frame. However, they might prefer for the artist to make this decision for them. If you do not offer framing, certain individuals may continue looking around for artists until they find one that does framing.

Choosing standard premade frames is not ideal, as it forces you to work within specific parameters. With custom frames, you can greatly improve the finished product that you are able to provide. When a custom order comes in, instead of just thinking about the artwork itself, you can do some thinking on how to incorporate a custom picture frame to make sure it complements well with your work.

Custom frames also make it easy to take work orders for specific measurements. If someone wants you to draw them something in an odd-shaped size, you can do so with confidence. By being able to ship it to them, ready to be mounted on a wall in their home, you should be able to earn a little more money.

Enjoy Safer Shipping

Trying to ship a delicate piece of art to a customer is a tough process. While you will always want to get insurance to protect you and the customer in case the package gets misplaced or damaged, you can have an easier time shipping your work when you are able to protect the art in a frame. It is a simple task to ship a framed picture by protecting the glass with cardboard and covering the frame in bubble wrap.

With how tough it can be to live off of working as a freelance artist, you should take advantage of fair opportunities to gain more business. Adding custom picture frames as an option for your orders is a great way to provide your customers with an all-in-one service that they can use to decorate their home.

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