Five Places To Look For Gold To Sell

If you're looking to take a summer vacation or make a few upgrades to your home but lack the funds right now, selling your unwanted gold items to a gold dealer can be a great source of cash. Unlike bank loans or credit cards, there's no interest and no payments to make later. If you think you don't have anything to sell, you might want to look again. Valuable gold items can be found in unexpected places around your home.

Where to look for gold to sell

1. In your jewelry box. Of course, you won't likely want to sell family items or valuable jewelry, but most women have at least one single gold earring that is waiting in their jewelry box to find its mate. If you've been waiting more than a few months, it's unlikely that the other earring is going to show up. Broken gold bracelets and chains can also be a good source of funds.

2. In that box of items from your parents' house. If your parents are deceased and you've had to clean out their house, you probably have a box of items that you didn't quite know what to do with. This box could yield things like gold coins, your father's gold cufflinks or your grandfather's gold watch.

3. In your flatware drawer. Gold flatware was popular in the 1970s and 1980s. If you have a set of these knifes, forks and spoons that you haven't used in ages, you can likely get cash for them from a gold dealer.

4. In your coin collection. Gold coins can also be sold for cash at gold dealers. These can be foreign coins or commemorative coins. Coins designed as investment vehicles, such as an American gold eagle coin or a South African Krugerrand, are best sold via a coin dealer.

5. In your silver chest. Many gold dealers also offer cash for Sterling silver items, such as flatware and candlesticks. Check to see if an item is Sterling and not silver-plated by looking for the "sterling" stamp somewhere on the item. Sterling silver jewelry can also be traded in for cash. However, silver is less valuable than gold and the weight of most jewelry pieces is unlikely to earn enough money to fund a large project.

Trading in your unwanted gold items at a buyer like Atlas Loan & Jewelry Co can be a great way to "find money" around the house. If you think that you don't have any gold, take a look in your jewelry box, in that stuff you boxed up from your parents' house, in your coin drawer and even in your silver chest.