Take Your Fireplace Into Summer With Some Decorative Tips

Make your fireplace fit the season with some summery decorating ideas. Transform your home's hearth into a welcoming and warm-weather feature that you are proud to show-off to friends and guests.

Some suggestions for a summery fireplace makeover are:

Mirror your facade. Use mirrors to turn your fireplace into a reflective surface that can make your space seem larger. Replace the fireplace screen with a mirror, either custom-cut to fit the hearth or one that you can prop inside or against the hearth.

Elect elegance and illumination. Fill your hearth with elegant pillars and candles to create an elegant light source that suits summer. Look for flameless variations with remote controls for convenient choices that are safe to use.

Create a living feature. Fill the space where you would build a fire with a lush plant, like a Boston fern or an English ivy. Use moss garland on the mantle to create a life-like feature that fits the season perfectly.

Lighten it up with white. Lighten up your fireplace for summer by using white accents, such as a jar of bleached sand-dollars on the mantle and white birch logs in the hearth. Look for fireplace screens or tools that are accented in white to fit your seasonal theme.

Make a museum-like exhibit. Make your hearth a museum of sorts by placing a statue or bust in the space where a fire would normally be.

Find fun focal points. Create a fun, summery focal point out of your fireplace by mounting a bicycle above the mantle, and accenting it with lots of potted greenery and grass. Instead of a bike, consider recycling an old canoe, kids' riding toy, or other vintage-looking accent that can be mounted above your fireplace for a touch of summertime.

Recreate the look of wood. Use a screen panel, wood glue, and some wood-scraps to create a faux log screen to be used during warmer seasons. This easy-to-create screen will replicate the look of stacked logs and can be slid in place when your fireplace is not in use.

Fun family photo galleries. Create a photo galleria where you usually would build a fire; create faux clothes-lines of family photos, attached to a length of twine or string with clothespins, and drape them across the hearth, from the mantle.

Enjoy taking your home's fireplace from winter to warm weather with these decorating ideas. Talk with home and garden vendors about unique screens, fireplace tools, and decorative elements to make your hearth a versatile and useful feature of your living space.