Staying On Budget: Holiday Decorating Tips For First-Time Homeowners

The temptation to go all-out for the first Christmas in a new home is overwhelming. It is natural to want to have everything perfect during important occasions like Christmas and first-time homeowners may feel pressured to make everything memorable. It is easy to get carried away and spend much more than planned, but holiday spending can become a serious financial concern when the bills begin to arrive in January. It is a better idea to be frugal and choose carefully rather than spending the new year filled with regret.

Creating a Plan Do not wait until December 1st and head to the local mall to find decorations. Decide exactly what will make the biggest impact or have the most meaning and list out only what is needed to accomplish that goal. For example, it may be possible to make the outside of the home cheery with a simple wreath on the front door and the Christmas tree framed in a large window. This will avoid the need for expensive outside lighting. Devise the plan early and begin shopping for the items on that list as soon as possible. 

Shopping for Savings Shopping for ornaments is something that is possible all year long. Many online shops and auctions and local craftspeople offer decorations all of the time. It is possible when shopping off-season to find many items on sale or on clearance. Also browse flea markets and yard sales during the summer. Holiday items are often ignored when the grass is green and the temperatures are high. This makes it easy to get some amazing bargains. Shopping sales also makes it possible to purchase better quality products than what might be affordable when the item is at full price during the holidays.

Using Other Items Not every ornament on a tree has to actually be an ornament. Consider using items already in the home to give the tree a unique look. Small picture frames, star or bell-shaped cookie cutters and colorful ribbons are common things that look charming on a Christmas tree. Also, look at everything in the home to see if a few tweaks could make it seem more holiday appropriate. Perhaps the crystal candle holders with pink candles in the bathroom could look festive on the table with red and green candles. A mirror with a gold frame on the hallway wall, may suddenly seem very seasonal when mounted over a small bookcase reflecting a collection of snowmen. If the items are not available in the home, look for inexpensive items in department stores and home supply shops. The purchases will be usable beyond Christmas since these are not strictly holiday items.

Appreciating the Basics A dish of pine cones, a garland made from paper loops, and snowflakes cut from paper and hung in a window all give a home a touch of charm that fits perfectly with the holiday season. Most of these items are free or almost free to gather or make. Crafty homeowners can make ornaments from felt or cloth to hang on the tree or sew a festive holiday table runner for only a small investment in materials. 

Purchasing a few Christmas ornaments each year is exciting and makes it possible to create an impressive collection within a few years. Looking for affordable options to start out with and adding more to it over time will prevent overspending and regret. Consider making one quality purchase each year that fits in with a predetermined budget and filling in with creative solutions for the rest of the home. 

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