Staying Safe When Using An Extension Cord For Your Summer Party

If you are planning to host an outdoor party complete with music to entertain your guests, chances are you will need electricity to run your stereo or provide a disc jockey with a source to hook up their equipment. If your music is needed a distance away from your home's exterior, using an extension cord may become necessary. Safety precautions will need to be taken during its use. Here are some tips to use when hooking up a stereo or DJ equipment via an extension cord outdoors so your tunes play throughout the event without putting anyone at risk for an injury in the process.

Cover The Point Of Connect To Protect It From Moisture

When you insert a plug into an extension cord to reach to your home, the connection area should be protected should inclement weather become present in the area. It will also be beneficial to cover it in case someone spills a drink near the equipment playing the music. Extension cord covers are made from a durable plastic and enclose the connected wires so they are safely protected from moisture. They will also help keep the music going as it will more difficult to unplug the musical equipment from the extension cord accidentally since the connection is contained.

Make Sure The Cord Is Visible To Guests

One way injuries occur when using an extension cord, is by accidentally tripping over one. It is a good idea to have a bright-colored extension cord so it is visible to those walking through your yard so tripping incidents are less likely. It is a good idea to place cones on each side of the cord every few feet along its length leading up to the electrical source to alert people walking past to be careful of the cord.

Use A Cord Made Specifically For Outdoor Conditions

It is best to purchase an extension cord rated for outdoor use. These are made with durable coverings to help protect them from hazardous moisture or extreme heat conditions. Extension cords have lettered codes on them specifying what type of use they are intended for. If you see the letter "W" listed on the cord jacket, the extension cord is coded to be safe for outdoor use.

Check Over Your Extension Cord In Advance Of Your Party

If you intend on using an extension cord during your party, and you already have one in your possession, inspect your cord before you use it to make sure there are no frayed or cracked portions within the wire. If damage is noticed, purchase a new cord for the party beforehand rather than take the risk in using one that could spark, accidentally catching your yard on fire or causing an injury to someone nearby.

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