Tips For Displaying Military Plaques In Your Home Office

Military plaques provide a tangible way for you to celebrate the hard work and dedication that you put into your military service. They can empower you to own that part of your life and celebrate the determination that helped you reach your goals and achieve greatness. These plaques also help everyone know that you take pride in your country. Here are some ways you may choose to display them in your home office.

Preserve Your Awards While Showing Them All

The preservation of your military plaques needs to be taken into consideration as you decide how to display them. Place your military awards behind plexiglass that has UV protection. Alternately, if you have a display case where you want to place the awards, you can add a UV filtering film if it doesn't already have it as part of the display box. Because you want to feel free to open the windows and let natural light into your home office, you may also choose to have your plaques displayed in a case that you can cover with a black curtain or blanket to avoid sun damage.

Show Off Your Awards in a Shadow Box

Shadow boxes are display frames with a large space behind the glass of the frame where memorabilia can be placed alongside photo, certificates, art, and your military plaques. This enables you to also preserve and show off other things with sentimental value that you may have saved from your time in service. Be sure that the glass on the shadow box has UV protection or add a filter to it. A shadow box that's full of things that inspire good memories of your time in the military can also be a great conversation starter when guests visit your office.

Frame the Doorway

One way that military plaques are sure to be noticed is to display them at the doorway of your home office. If they are nailed to the wall around the outside door to your office, they are likely to be the first thing that someone sees when they go to knock on your door or come visit you at your home office. If you want to start an initial conversation about the military service you've accomplished, this is the perfect way to display your plaques with pride.

Finally, keep in mind that you may want to try several different display options and switch it up over time. You can always move them from rom one area of the office to another for displays on different occasions. What matters is that you find a way to display them and enjoy the wonderful things they can still represent to you and your family. Contact a business, such as The Trophy Case, for more information.