6 Sweet Hawaiian Souvenirs For The Pineapple Lover In Your Life

Although Hawaii doesn't grow as many pineapples as it once did, the beautiful islands are still known for their once abundant pineapple fields. When shopping for treasures to bring back home, you will notice a lot of souvenirs with a pineapple theme. But why bring home a picture of a pineapple when you can have the real thing? Here are 6 edible souvenir ideas for someone who loves pineapple. 

Dried Pineapple

It's easy to pack, easy to eat and sweet as candy. When you're buying dried pineapple, be sure you're getting a fruit that was grown and dried on one of Hawaii's pineapple plantations. Look for fruit with no added sugar. You want the pure taste of pineapple to shine through. 

Chocolate Covered Pineapple

Want to make a pineapple even tastier? Cover it in chocolate. This delicious treat is a favorite of Hawaiian vacationers and their loved ones back home. Don't put the chocolate in your checked bag. Carry it on the plane to keep it from melting, but try not to eat it all before you get home. 

Pineapple Pancake Mix

Buying mixes is a delicious way to bring the flavors of the island back to your home. Look in gift shops for pineapple pancake mix to take your pancakes to the next level and make you feel like you're having breakfast in Hawaii again. 

Pineapple Extract

Delight your favorite home chef with a tasty ingredient that puts a hint of the tropics into otherwise boring recipes. Pure pineapple extract can be used to flavor all types of foods from meat dishes to baked goods. When you buy your extract, be sure it is real and not imitation. Nothing beats the pure extract taken straight from the pineapples of Hawaii. 

Pineapple Salad Dressing

Many tourists enjoy pineapple dressing on their salads every day of their Hawaiian vacations. You can share this delicious experience when you when you purchase pineapple salad dressing. Be sure to carefully wrap jars in something soft for your plane trip.

Pineapple by Post

When you visit a Hawaiian pineapple plantation you can actually have a pineapple shipped to you or someone back home. Save this awesome souvenir for someone special. It's not the cheapest way to buy a pineapple, but it might be the tastiest. 

These 6 show stopping pineapple gifts will be sure to impress friends and family who didn't get to join you in the islands. Be sure to pick up a few extras for yourself. Contact a business, such as Marue & Gertz Ltd for more information.