How To Make Your Screen Print T-Shirts Move (Smartphone Required)

If you have not seen how technology and clothing can interact and create unique wearables, you may be in a for a shock or a pleasant surprise depending on the clothing you spot. The most popular items are screen print T-shirts that have a secret pocket for your smartphone. Here is how these shirts work, and how you can create your own fun designs to incorporate your smartphone and freak out people on the street.

There Is an App for That

These shirts that use a smartphone as part of their moving designs do so with the assistance of an app (of course!). You have to download one of a few applicable apps, most of which are either free or low cost. Each app provides its own series of strange, creepy, fun or just goofy moving pictures that then make your screen print T-shirts very memorable.

Then Create Your Shirts

It will require a little creativity on your part to come up with T-shirt designs that will work with the apps. The openings on the fronts of the T-shirts will correspond with the moving action on the smartphone, so you will need to set your designs down first and have the shirts printed. Then you can cut openings in the shirt to reveal the moving parts of the printed scene, courtesy of your smartphone. ONLY cut the parts out of the shirt you absolutely need to cut. 

For example, you create a print of a cyclops on the t-shirt. After the t-shirt is printed, you cut out only the eye area of the cyclops, leaving a hole in the shirt. After you create the sling pocket to hold your smartphone in place behind the cyclops' face and download the app that features a collection of moving monster eyeballs, you place the smartphone vertically into the sling pocket and position the phone so that the moving eye peeks through the hole created in the shirt for the cyclops eye.

This is how the designs and the smartphone apps work together. The results are visually stunning and engaging. You could even create a TV design that features an opening where you can air a thirty-second moving scene for people to watch, making it look just like you have a TV in your chest. The possibilities are only as finite as your imagination, so get creative, hire a screen printing company like Absolute Screen Printing (or learn the craft yourself) and churn out some very unique t-shirts with moving components.