"Room-Scaping" And Social Media: The New Trend That Might Leave You Overwhelmed And How To Manage It

A popular new trend, "room-scaping," is sweeping the social media sites by storm. With the likes of Pinterest and Wiki tips on how to buy home decor online, everyone is grabbing ideas and home decorating items just as fast as they can find them (or at least find out where a photographer took the items' pictures). However, your own personal enthusiasm for room-scaping might leave you a little overwhelmed with all of your "pinned interest" items. Here is how you can find what you like, post it or pin it to your social media page, and then figure out if you can afford it, where to buy it, and where to put it once you have it.

Keep Your Browsing Down to about Twenty Minutes a Day

Social media sites, even for fun, can be real time-killers. If you are already struggling to get things done in your day, you do not want to complicate matters by spending an hour or more online. Cut back to twenty minutes of "me" time in your day and set that aside just for online browsing of home decorating ideas. It will be more relaxing and easier to manage all of your pins without posting/pinning bunches of stuff that only sort of pique your interest.

Take a Day off from Browsing to Organize Your Pins/Posts

When you organize your pins/posts, do not browse for more stuff. Instead, look at everything you collected, decide how to best sort your pins/posts, and then maybe even organize your home decorating favorites into columns by price and what rooms in your house you would want to put these pieces of furniture, rugs, wall decorations, etc. That way, when you finally make a purchase of an item featured on your social media page, you can remove it and move on. You have effectively "room-scaped" online using social media and are moving toward your home decorating goals!

Create a Virtual Room

There is also some software you can buy that will allow you to create virtual rooms using the items you have pinned/posted. It might turn into a fun hobby for you, since you can move and rearrange or cancel items from your "room" whenever you decide you do not like how something looks. This is a nice addition to organizing and cutting back on social media posts because you can actually see what something would like like in a space similar to the one you want to decorate in real life.