4 Uses For Large Outdoor Planters

Whether you want to buy large outdoor planters or just get ideas for what to do with the ones you have, you should be able to find what you need online. You can use the versatile planters in a variety of ways, from landscaping your yard to creating container gardens full of flowers or edible plants.

When considering buying the oversize planters online, take shipping and handling costs into consideration. While some companies very reasonable rates, it may be wiser to order them online and then pick up in-store.

Here are 4 ideas for using large outdoor planters in your yard:

1. Use a big, ceramic or stone planter as the centerpiece of your backyard or cement patio. Instead of installing a fountain, which can increase electricity and water bills, in the center of your yard, set up a planter instead. Not only will it be aesthetically pleasing, you can use it to grow culinary herbs and small edible plants, such as cherry or grape tomatoes, as well. 

As one idea, plant one tall plant, such as leafy tropical foliage, in the center of the planter and place smaller ones around it. Add vibrant pops of color with flowers such as tulips, roses and hydrangeas, depending on what season it is.

2. You can use a long, rustic wood planter to separate two areas of your yard, such as the patio from the pool, or the driveway from the front yard. You can also place one of these long planter boxes on each side of your front porch.

Consider alternating two different types of plants, such as small shrubs and lavender, down the planter to beautify your outdoor space. Update the contents to reflect the different seasons, such as decorative pumpkins in autumn, and poinsettias around Christmas.

3. If you don't have a fence but want to add some privacy between your yard and your neighbor's outdoor space, group several large planters and fill them with tall plants. Place them around the perimeter of your yard to create a visual barrier.

If you want a plant that grows very tall rapidly and requires little maintenance, go for bamboo, which will quickly form a green "wall" between your yards. 

4. Another way to use big planter boxes is for container gardening. If your yard isn't big enough to host a summer garden, you can grow many types of produce, such as tomatoes, radishes and lettuce, easily in the planters.