Tips For Optimizing Your Indoor Water Fountain Investment

An indoor water fountain can add style and elegance to most any home decor. If you're installing a water fountain in your house, you'll want to put some care and thought into making it a cohesive, attractive part of your decor. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your choice.

Consider The Color

One of the things you need to be particularly attentive to is the colors of the fountain structure. Look for a fountain that's crafted with similar colors to the room where you're going to place it. This helps ensure a cohesive fit. Consider choosing one color in the room to spotlight as part of your fountain's design.

Select The RIght Size

Indoor water fountains come in many different sizes, and choosing the right one is important to the atmosphere in any room. If you're dealing with a large room, you'll want a fountain large enough to not get lost in the space, but not so large that it's overbearing. If it's too large, it can take over the room and make it seem crowded. Make sure there's enough space to get around in the room so it can be used as intended even with the fountain in place.

Light It Up

When you really want to call attention to the fountain, choose one that has integrated lighting. Many of them have lights that will cast different colors in the water to create different types of effects. This can be a great way to turn that fountain into a real conversation starter. You might even want to put some targeted track lighting above the fountain to draw people's eyes to it in the room.

Know How To Clean It

Don't choose a fountain that you are unable to clean or assume that you'll just be able to do it. Either familiarize yourself with the steps required to keep it clean or hire someone on an ongoing basis to do it. The flowing water can lead to algae growth if you don't keep it clean, and algae does not make for an attractive fountain.

Cut The Clutter

If you were tempted to put a lot of accessories around the fountain when you bought it, this is the time to address that. Too many accessories can make the fountain look cluttered and busy. Consider placing subtle, understated art on the walls and eliminating much of the other clutter.