How To Celebrate Sadie Hawkins Day To The Fullest

Sadie Hawkins Day is a fun holiday that comes along every year on November 13. During Leap Years, Leap Day on February 29 is also considered to be a Sadie Hawkins Day, but it is separate from the November 13 holiday. On either Sadie Hawkins Day, the old tradition of men asking women out is supposed to be completely reversed. Women are encouraged to ask out their crushes and plan dates for the guys they like. While modern women today typically feel free to do this on any day of the year, this day pays special homage to the way society has changed over time, and women may feel empowered by the changes that have made this holiday a formality, not a necessity. Here are some fun ways to celebrate this fun and quirky holiday.

Play Matchmaker for Lonely Friends

If you know of two single friends who are wishing they had dates on Sadie Hawkins Day, try to take matters in your own hands. Encourage each to send a gift to the other to celebrate the unconventional holiday. You may offer ideas such as sending a plant with an invitation for a date or simply sending a box of candy with an invite to eat the sweet treats over coffee. If your friends are particularly shy, you may even offer to arrange a date yourself for the two lonely hearts.

Send Flowers and a Sweet Note to Your Crush

If you have been looking for a good opportunity to express your feelings to a guy in your life, order a bouquet of flowers in the guy's favorite color. Send them along with a sweet note that hints at your feelings. You can then judge the response to your gift and decide if you want to pursue the crush further. By mentioning Sadie Hawkins Day in your gift of flowers, you can downplay the seriousness of the note if you can then see that your crush isn't interested.

Deliver a Gift Card for Fun

If you want to do something unexpected for someone who has captured your interest, find out what their favorite store is. Obtain a gift card to that store and present it to your crush with a few words of appreciation for them. You may offer to go on a shopping trip with them if they seem receptive or simply encourage them to get something they'd enjoy. This is a way to be generous while expecting nothing in return, and how someone responds to it can show you how interested they are in you.

Finally, keep in mind that Sadie Hawkins Day is not meant to restrict women to asking men out on this one day of year. It's more of a celebration that now men and women are both unhindered by societal conventions when it comes to pursuing their crushes. Enjoy Sadie Hawkins Day by expressing yourself and your feelings in any way you choose.