3 Ways To Assemble The Ultimate Superhero Birthday Party For Your Child

Superhero movies have become increasing popular and common in recent years and brought delight to audiences old and young. If you have an aspiring superhero in the house with an upcoming birthday, you can easily create a superhero themed birthday party that your child and his or her friends will remember for years to come.

Here are a few simple tricks and supplies you can use to assemble the ultimate superhero birthday party for your child.

Bulk Superhero Capes

What is a superhero without a cape? Provide capes for both your child and the child guests by ordering bulk superhero capes. Buying in bulk saves money compared to buying individually at a local costume store especially if you have a larger guest list.

Make sure you select a bulk cape package that includes a wide variety of cape styles. While your child might pledge loyalty to one particular superhero, that's no reason the guests can't express creativity and choose among the other popular superheros. The bulk package will make sure the capes at least coordinate in some general way so that the children all look like they are at the same party. Custom bulk orders offer even more creative flexibility and coordination options.

Set Up a Superhero Photo Booth

Ask a local printing company to create a large background of the city or planet that your child's favorite superhero calls home. Collect some basic props for the most popular superheros which might include a foam sword, foam hammer, or a toy lasso. Set the props near the background and assign a parent to capture photo booth images with a digital camera throughout the day.

The makeshift photo booth will save a lot of money compared to renting a real booth and offer you more customization options. Make sure the booth is set up in an area with good lighting, ideally natural lighting near a large window or even outside if the weather cooperates. You can edit digital images easily so don't worry too much whether the lighting is exactly perfect. Focus more on capturing the general mood of the day and your child and friends having fun.

Get Comical in the Invites and Guest Gifts

Most superheros have origins in comic books. Commercial comic book invitations aren't difficult to find for most superheros but you could also turn to a local printing company, if needed. If your budget allows, hire a local artist or art student to draw your child into the comic for the invitations.

Send the little guests each home with a small glossy page copied and printed form a comic book or including the original image of your child created for the invitations.