How To Celebrate Sadie Hawkins Day To The Fullest

Sadie Hawkins Day is a fun holiday that comes along every year on November 13. During Leap Years, Leap Day on February 29 is also considered to be a Sadie Hawkins Day, but it is separate from the November 13 holiday. On either Sadie Hawkins Day, the old tradition of men asking women out is supposed to be completely reversed. Women are encouraged to ask out their crushes and plan dates for the guys they like. [Read More]

Staying Safe When Using An Extension Cord For Your Summer Party

If you are planning to host an outdoor party complete with music to entertain your guests, chances are you will need electricity to run your stereo or provide a disc jockey with a source to hook up their equipment. If your music is needed a distance away from your home's exterior, using an extension cord may become necessary. Safety precautions will need to be taken during its use. Here are some tips to use when hooking up a stereo or DJ equipment via an extension cord outdoors so your tunes play throughout the event without putting anyone at risk for an injury in the process. [Read More]

How To Determine The Value Of A Classic Head Half Cent

If you own a classic head half cent, then you probably want to know how much it is worth. Grade and condition are the main factors used for determining value. Five factors are used for determining grade, attractiveness, color, luster, preservation and strike. However, determining value is a little more complicated. Here are three things to consider when selling your half cent. Understand the Coin Market It really helps to understand how the coin market works. [Read More]