Three Tips For Buying An Engagement Ring For The Woman Of Your Dreams

When you have finally found the woman you want to marry, you might be thinking about picking out an engagement ring. However, the entire process might be overwhelming. Not only do you have to choose one ring out of thousands of options, you need to be aware of the financial investment you are making and plan accordingly. Here are some things to focus on as you search for the perfect engagement ring. [Read More]

How To Determine The Value Of A Classic Head Half Cent

If you own a classic head half cent, then you probably want to know how much it is worth. Grade and condition are the main factors used for determining value. Five factors are used for determining grade, attractiveness, color, luster, preservation and strike. However, determining value is a little more complicated. Here are three things to consider when selling your half cent. Understand the Coin Market It really helps to understand how the coin market works. [Read More]

Journey To Outer Space -- How To Utilize Your Outdoor Space For Entertainment Purposes

Do you love to entertain, but lack the indoor space in your home to do so comfortably? Then it's time to extend your entertainment space to your outdoor areas, such as your patio and backyard. But this entails more than throwing a few plastic chairs and a potted palm on your deck. To create a welcoming outdoor entertainment space, you'll need furnishings that mimic your living room and will invite guests to hang outside for awhile. [Read More]

3 Ways To Attract A Bigger Crowd To Your Cornhole Tournament

Fundraising used to be just selling stuff to people. In recent years, however, more organizations are opting for fundraising options that are more fun - like cornhole tournaments. Cornhole is a game that people play where they toss little bags filled with corn at a platform with a hole in it. Cornhole is a very popular game, but when fundraising, you want to attract as many people as possible to play. [Read More]