Tips For Choosing Your Child's First Musical Instrument

Are you the parent of a young child? Are you thinking about having him or her take up learning how to play an instrument? When considering musical instruments to play, there are a few obvious choices and lots of less obvious ones. But deciding which one that your child should actually pick can be tricky. Even if he or she is excited about getting to play, they can be too overwhelmed with the different choices to give much of an opinion. [Read More]

Clever Display Ideas For Your Cherished Collectibles

Why keep those beloved collectibles tucked away where you can't enjoy them? Instead, create clever and convenient displays so that you can show them off to all who visit your home. If you collect many different items, such as figurines, sports memorabilia, or crockery, rotate your displays and change things up from time to time. Perch on a porch. Make your figurines, teacups, or other collection the first thing that guests see when they visit. [Read More]

Found A Coin With Your Metal Detector? 3 Things To Do Prior To Getting An Appraisal

Using a metal detector to find objects that have been buried beneath the surface can be exciting. Metal detecting enthusiasts often find coins that have significant historical and monetary value. If you are planning to do some metal detecting in the near future, it can be beneficial to know how you should handle any coins you find prior to appraisal. Here are three tips to help you care for your found coins and get the most value for them after your next outing with a metal detector. [Read More]

Take Your Fireplace Into Summer With Some Decorative Tips

Make your fireplace fit the season with some summery decorating ideas. Transform your home's hearth into a welcoming and warm-weather feature that you are proud to show-off to friends and guests. Some suggestions for a summery fireplace makeover are: Mirror your facade. Use mirrors to turn your fireplace into a reflective surface that can make your space seem larger. Replace the fireplace screen with a mirror, either custom-cut to fit the hearth or one that you can prop inside or against the hearth. [Read More]